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Product Details

Products Filled Dhal, Granules, Rice, Salt, Black Pepper, Coconut powder all types of Granules
Fill Speed 10-60 Fills/minute depends upon product flow and operator speed
Containers Filled Bags, Bottles, Jars and Boxes
Fill Accuracy +/- 0.3% to 1% or better
Fill Range 250 grams to 1000 grams depends upon product flow & characteristics
Operation Auto and Semi-automatic mode ,& can be integrated with semi automatic conveyor or form/fill/seal for fully automatic operation
Hopper Capacity 25 to 35 kgs, depending on application
Construction All contact parts stainless steel 304 & construction of the machine mild steel with powder coated. Also available GMP standardl with NEMA 4X controls and sanitary construction
Machine dimension 750 x 800 x2000 mm
Cleaning /Changeover Time 20 minutes or less
Power characteristics 1 Ø /230V/50hz or 3Ø/415V/N,PE/50hz

The model of IP-TVC- 6 Volumetric Cup Filling System offers an economic, high quality for filling dry free flowing products. The six station TVC-6 semi automatic model is ideal for low cycle rate applications. Constructed with stainless steel and other approved product contact parts, operators can expect a durable long lasting machine that will time-in and time-out bring profit to your bottom line. Delivered standard with a 1 to 1.5 cubic foot hopper., single air control (n0 electrical power required), and INPAK backed service – the TVC-6 is a great addition to any company’s packaging line.


  • Pulses/lentils
  • Agro Chemicals granules
  • Snacks
  • Coconut powder
  • Coffee
  • Ground spices
  • Seeds
  • Detergent powder
  • Flours
  • Cereals
  • Rice
  • Salt
  • Frozen foods
  • Cornflakes


  • Simple in design hence easy to operate and maintain
  • All products contact parts are made up of stainless steel
  • Telescopic cup systems to fine tune the required weight
  • Digital counter from PLC
  • Complete stainless steel covering (optional)
  • Easy to integrate with conveyor for automatic operation
  • Recycle timer and production count
  • Empty hopper function
  • Programmable drive speed
  • Programmable machine parameters
  • 50 program selections (standard)
  • Minor cup volume adjustment
  • Larger capacity product hopper
  • Extended product drop tube for use with VFFS
  • Dust collection feature
  • Adjustable height open jack frame
  • Product level control
  • Complete spare parts package
  • Easy way to change the cups

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