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Product Details

Model Number IP – SWT – 1500 HD*
Sealing Bar 1500 mm
Tunnel Window Size W – 1500mm * H – 500mm
Speed 360 – 600 PPH
Packaging Materials LDPE, PE Any type of shrinkable flims
M.O.C M.S / CI Constructions Duly Powder Coated/ painted ( For Gmp Model Models Mode from Ms Covered with SS304 Sheet)
Optional In and outfeed roller or belt conveyor / Side Sealing/ External cooling Chamber / Printing/ Labeling / Auto stacking etc.
Power Supply 415 v/ 3 PH +N +PE / 50HZ
Dimension Approx – 12800*2600*2000mm
Net Weight Approx – 2500 kg

Inpak building machine is a reliable all-rounder. Bundling machines from Inpak are the optimum solution for reliable and edge protection packaging of diverse products. The high quality all-rounders are specialised in bundling of both single-item as well as multipack units. Two film rolls are used together with two transverse sealing movements, ensure open building at the outer sides. Inpak bundling machines are frequently used in the area of paper products, textiles, food & beverages, wooden furniture, pump & motors, products. However, food and many other products can be firmly and reliably grouped and packaged using a bundler. The range is available with film widths of 750, 950 and 1300 mm and product heights up to 500mm (Customization available on request).

Set-up Features

  • Advanced programmable logic controller for easy setup and monitoring
  • Adjustable speed controls
  • Display of key packaging statistics, including production rate and efficiency
  • Heat- resistant silicon tube tunnel conveyor (square or round rods) for optimum product support Sealing and Shrinking Features
  • Constant heat seal bar with cold knife provides high quality and strong consistent seals
  • Pneumatically operated seal bar with safety device ensures seal integrity
  • Side seal flattening rollers provides a smooth shrink finish of film
  • Adjustable cooling fan for quick film cooling
  • Both upper and lower powered film unwind allows for easy feed of film and reduces tension
  • Side film rollers provided for loading film replacements as safety features
  • Safety sensors control machine operation, ensure area is free and clear of obstructions
  • Automatic cool down cycle
  • Power failure easy to remove bundle from inside tunnel
  • Six station emergency integrations
  • 20 program memory for fast set up of commonly packaged products

Operational Features

  • Speeds up to 360 packs/hrs. (up to 6 packs/min)
  • Auto Length Product Detection for standard packages
  • Pre-programmed package length for irregularly shaped products
  • Adjustable airflow controls by independent diverters
  • 60” Wide Seal Bar, utilizes maximum film width of 58”
  • Adjustable working height conveyor (30-36” inches)

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