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Product Details

Model No IP-LFM -20 (SS-304)
Filling Heads 1 Heads
Operating System PLC integrated MMl screen controlled system with production counter attachment for multiple filling.
Output/ Min 06 to 20 FPM Depends of the operator speed of fill volume and nature flow of Liquid
Power Characteristics 240v 1 Phase 50Hz 3 Wire System
Air 5 to 6 cfm (customer scope)
Input (Container Dia/ Height) 24mm Dia to 100mm Dia/ Height 120mm Max.
Filling System Piston filling with pneumatic and L port ball valve
Fill Range 500 ml, 1000 ml with half of change parts)
Filling Accuracy ± 0.5 to 1% Filling accuracy on single dose Depends of the nature of Batter.
Tank Storage Capacity Overhead tank of 20 to 35 lit. Capacity
Machine Construction Stainless steel SS-304
Net Weight 180 kgs
Machine Length 640mm
Machine width 755mm
Machine height 1600mm

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